Water Cycle

This booklet gives facts about how the Earth's limited supply of water is recycled through the water cycle. This topic is covered by various age groups throughout their education. It tells you about the four parts which make up the water cycle. They are evaporation, where the sun converts surface water to steam which rises and is turned into water vapour, condensation where the vapour cools and forms clouds. When a cloud can hold no more water it gives us precipitation which is anything wet that comes from the sky. Lastly you learn about collection which tells us where all the water which falls from the sky eventually ends up.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. The Earth has a limited amount of water.
  2. The water goes round and round.
  3. This is called the water cycle.
  4. The cycle is made up of four main parts.
  5. Evaporation is the sun converting surface water into steam.
  6. The steam rises into the air to form water vapor.
  7. Condensation is vapor cooling back into liquid to form clouds.
  8. Precipitation is rain, snow, hail or sleet.
  9. Precipitation is formed when the clouds can hold no more water.
  10. Collection is water collecting in oceans, streams, rivers and lakes.

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