My Body

This topic is similar to the Moving and Growing topic, but is aimed at children aged six and seven. It covers what children of these ages should know about the human skeleton, including the number of bones which make up the skeleton and the functions of various parts of the skeleton. It covers the skull and the fact that it protects the brain. It gives information about the ribcage and the number of ribs the body has. It introduces children to the more technical names for the bones of the spine and the pelvis and children begin to learn about joints.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. The body has 206 bones.
  2. The bones in my head form my skull.
  3. My skull protects my brain.
  4. I have a backbone made of lots of little bones.
  5. My backbone is called my spine.
  6. My rib cage surrounds my chest.
  7. There are 12 pairs of ribs in my rib cage.
  8. My spine joins onto my pelvis, the hip area.
  9. My legs are attached to my pelvis.
  10. My arms are attached to my shoulder joints.

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