The Plague of London

This topic is often covered by seven to eleven year old children who are studying the Tudors and Stuarts. It tells of the Black Death which occurred in the year 1665 in the form of plague. It was called the Black Death because the victims were covered with black-coloured bumps leading to inevitable death. The plague germs were carried by fleas which lived as parasites on rats. The disease was rampant in Holland in 1663 and Charles 2nd, who was king of England at that time, forbade any trade with the Dutch. Despite this the spring of 1665 brought a sudden rise in the death rate in the poorer areas of London, and as the spring turned into one of the hottest summers the number of deaths escalated. This booklet gives the children a few facts to help them learn about this dreadful event.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. King Charles II was the King of England.
  2. In 1665, death came to the city of London.
  3. It was called the Black Death.
  4. The plague was carried by fleas on rats.
  5. The plague first started in Holland.
  6. England stopped trading with Holland.
  7. The plague came during a very hot summer.
  8. There were a thousand deaths a week in the city.
  9. You needed a certificate of health to leave London.
  10. The plague ended in the Great Fire of London.

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