This subject is taught at different times throughout the children's education and this booklet covers some of the basic facts about how electricity is produced, the different sources it comes from and who helped us understand how it works. You also learn something of what life was like before electricity. Electricity occurs when there is a continuous stream of electrical charge. It happens when there is an unbroken circuit for the current to flow through, typically through a loop of copper wire. The electrical current flows as long as there is no difference in the charge between two points in the circuit. The difference is measured in volts. The bigger the difference the greater the voltage.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. Electricity is the flow of electrical power.
  2. It is mainly generated in power stations.
  3. Electricity comes from oil, nuclear power, coal or natural gas.
  4. Before electricity, kerosene lamps and candles lit homes.
  5. Food was kept cool in iceboxes or storage cellars.
  6. Water and wind are other sources of energy.
  7. We began generating electricity over a hundred years ago.
  8. Before then, fires and stoves kept homes warm.
  9. Benjamin Franklin helped people understand electricity.
  10. Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb.

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