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This topic was brought to attention by a magazine article claiming that children who watch television for four or more hours a day are less fit and do less well at school than those who watch TV for less than two hours a day. The survey found that out of two thousand eight to ten year olds 25% watched more than four hours of TV a day, often alone in their bedrooms. This booklet gives some suggestions that parents and teachers might like to follow in laying down a few rules. There is also a concern that children who watch TV after 9p.m. may be watching unsuitable material which can result in frightened, withdrawn or violent people in later life.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. Don't have a television in the bedroom.
  2. Only watch television for up to two hours a day.
  3. Spend much more time reading.
  4. Don't give way to eating TV snacks.
  5. Always do homework first.
  6. Don't watch television after nine o'clock at night.
  7. Take part in healthy sport and exercise.
  8. Join a club such as the scouts or guides.
  9. Only use a computer for serious work not games.
  10. Only parent-approved access to the internet should be allowed.

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